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See it all with Amtrak – Jules Naujoks

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See it all with Amtrak

Project Overview

Fly Over, Miss Out

Evoking nostalgia for Americana, this fictional illustration-forward advertising campaign aims to encourage potential travelers to take the scenic route via rail and make the journey part of their destination.


Wacom Tablet
Ipad Pro & Apple Pencil


Advertising, Illustration


6 weeks

The Concept

An advertising campaign for Amtrak promoting their long-haul routes to vacation travelers.

Research into Amtrak and the travel industry in general quickly revealed that their largest competitor for this target audience is airlines. I chose to play off of the differences between train and air travel for this campaign – if you fly over you’ll miss out, but with Amtrak you can see it all.

Amtrak Bus Stop Ad
See the South East!

Illustration Forward

Illustrations stand out against the more common photographs and allow for a deeper exploration of the concept.

To best show off this concept I turned to illustrations which I felt would stand out against photography-heavy airline advertising and would allow for more freedom to explore the “See it All” campaign.

I chose a mid-century atomic design style to evoke nostalgia for a slower time when road trips and land travel were more common to increase the appeal of the campaign further.

Banner Ad



For the illustrations themselves I started by sketching out a variety of elements and built up a design library of line drawings that I then scanned into Photoshop and painted with Kyle’s gouache brushes on a Wacom tablet.

Full campaign color pallet

Color Palette

I developed a color palette that had a grayed out vintage tone with three primary colors and seven accent colors. These accent colors represent different regions of the country; certain elements are colored with particular accent colors depending on the location within the United States. In the advertising campaign the location-specific colors are not meant to be noticeable but this is important for collateral pieces that would be available on different routes or at specific stations.

Magazine Ad
See the South West!
See the Great Plains!
See the Gulf Coast!
See the Great Lakes!