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Wheatpaste Poster Series – Jules Naujoks

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Project Overview

A series of 15 posters riffing on the mission statements of the company, wheat-pasted onto OSB in key areas across the 4-floor office building. Meant to evoke the feeling of an outdoor construction zone covered in advertising in New York or the overcrowded telephone poles in Capitol Hill, each poster needed to work together but look as if they were done by a different hand.

An additional consideration was the longevity of the installation, these focal walls will be seen repeatedly by the employees in this space. Care was taken to make sure they would be enjoyable upon repeated viewing – providing color and atmosphere without becoming stale or annoying. Each floor has a different layout and a few exclusive posters.


Concept, Poster Design, Layout, Construction Coordination


Interior Architects



Elevation of poster layout
Image of installed posters
Image of installed posters
An old photograph of Katie Brumbach, the strongwoman, lifting her husband in the air with one arm while he is holding bar bells. The poster reads "raise the bar"
The Fremont troll with sunglasses and a electric keyboard that reads "Rock on with Billy Troll, live in concrete!"
Duotone corgi portrait that reads "Rufus! at the Disco"
70's style arrow pointing down that reads "Ain't no task low enough"
illustration of a variety of floating bananas in various colors that read "Why not?"
green poster with a 50's style woman smiling and looking at floating electronics that reads "Never never settle"
The words "not invented here" written across the poster with "not" scratched out in red
a set of 6 balloons each held by an individual hand 3 of them are upside down, each balloon has one word on it and together they read "Double your experiments, double your inventiveness"
An orange band in the middle reads "constraints breed invention" and is being squished by a vice coming from the top and bottom of the poster
colorized black and white photo of 2 men fencing with a heading that reads Challenge Decisions
warped text reads "invention by its very nature is disruptive" on a neon yellow background
torn paper poster that reads "Complaining isn't a strategy"
abstract futuristic shapes and lines all leaning to the right that read "Lean into the future"
A black and white seagull looking sassy with a few abstract colored shapes layered over the top, the seagull is saying "right right right"
A very old black and white image of 2 women boxing that reads "Disconfirm you beliefs" on an orange background