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Bounce House Magazine – Jules Naujoks

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ADDY Gold Student Award Seattle 2018
ADDY Silver Student Award District XI 2018

Project Overview

Can your inner kid come out and play?

Bounce House is a lifestyle magazine focusing on the little surprises and hidden joys all around us encouraging readers to tap into imaginative play and have more fun in their day-to-day lives. We believe that maintaining a childlike wonder increases happiness.

Each issue is centered around a theme. Our upcoming issue “Hide & Seek” is focused on hiding and finding secrets. We will cover speakeasies, hidden rooms behind bookcases, secret messages, vintage spy gadgets and more. As always, this issue is itself playful and will include several secrets of its own hidden in puzzles, coded messages, and optical illusions.


Layout, Visual Design, Typography, Concept, Branding, Curation, Web Design, Coding


InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, CSSGrid


10 weeks

Spreads from Bounce House Magazine


Playful content calls for playful layouts

As a magazine focused on making daily life more fun, its very design needed to be playful without being childish – I was focused on having the design and layout balance professional and playful design. This meant that each layout was determined by the content, which added an additional level of complexity and challenge to the project.

Key Features

Hidden delights

It was important that the design fit the theme of the issue, hiding and finding secrets. To do so, I included several hidden interactive elements to be found by the reader.

For one article about speakeasies, the information about each bar is hidden underneath a red reveal. The red texture was made of overlapping cocktail glasses and the reader needs to use the included red translucent magnifying glass to reveal the information about each bar.

This issue also includes a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story about your first day on the job as a spy which starts on the Table of Contents and continues throughout the articles, mostly disguised as photo captions.

Use the red magnifying glass to discover more about each speakeasy