Project Overview

My client asks for two interactive exhibits to highlight their philanthropic work aimed at reducing hunger and homelessness in the local community. Rather than jumping right to a digital touch screen, I explored ways to create kinetic analog features.

Roles Concept, Design Development, Construction Coordination
Agency Interior Architects
Client Confidential

Hand Cranked Breakfast

Inspired by the whimsy of Rube Goldberg machines, I created an interactive wall telling the story of a community garden-to-table breakfast. Each step of the process is featured as a wooden automata that performs a looping motion when a handle is cranked. Requiring the viewer to put some (light) elbow grease in each step, they are helping to grow, prepare, and serve the meal. A wall graphic and vinyl details help tie the features together into a cohesive story. A photo wall on the adjoining wall allows the client to highlight specific volunteering efforts.



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Dream Home

This quite alternative workspace is half real, half drawn as if not fully real. The space includes plush seating (not pictured) and a plethora of details to make it feel homey. Frames over the dimensional mantel allow space to place photos from various volunteering efforts as well as a plaque explaining the intention of the volunteer work this space is honoring.

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