Project Overview

This freelance project, now installed on campus at University of Washington, Tacoma, is a site-specific public artwork done in a collaboration with artist, Vaughn Bell and fellow designer, Amy Harrington and commissioned by Washington State Arts Commission in partnership with the University of Washington Tacoma.

From Vaughn, “‘All the Rivers in the World, Tacoma’ is a public art project that reflects on the Puyallup river as lifeline and connector. It also emerges from the current life of Tacoma and the University: as a cosmopolitan place, home to many immigrants, people from all over the world. This idea has a precedent even before this site was a university. According to the historic assessment of the Prairie Line Trail, ‘More than half of Tacoma’s residents were immigrants by the early 1900s.’ These immigrants came from all over the world and many worked in the buildings that now house the university. Now, students, faculty, and staff continue to come from many places to be part of this community.”

All artwork and photography ©2020 Vaughn Bell


Site measurements and as-built drawings of installation area, Concepting visual direction, Layout, modifying typefaces, Typesetting, Fabriation and layout drawings, Coordination with fabricator


Vaugh Bell — Artist, Art Director

Amy Harrington — Co-designer


University of Washington Tacoma